You say: “Andiamo!” I say: “To life?”

L’Affetto is Italian & means affection. For the most beautiful facets, cordial togetherness, the beauty of the moment.

Time for a white wine and for taking each day as it comes – maybe reading a book beneath cypresses? Gelato at the pool? The most important thing – being together in an ambiance that leaves room for a spot of extravagance. A bit of Romeo and Giulia, some amici, lots of baci, and a feeling of eternity. What matters is passion and realness – naturalness is always the most beautiful detail. Hotel L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda is about celebrating all aspects of life and for feeling amore.

Pärchen liegt unter Olivenbaum und guckt auf den See
The sweet idleness

We say: “Noi siamo qui!”

L'Affetto sul Lago di Garda

The summery blue Lake Garda. Blossoming gardens. Dreamy towns. The Monte Baldo on the horizon. Lightness defines the attitude to life where language sounds so alive, the kitchen serves magnificent treats, and the people exude cheerfulness. And the senses have time to fully dedicate themselves to the beautiful and good things. L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda, a hotel that creates affection in its most cordial manner.

Falling in love anew with our suites
Approach to L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda