6 quiz questions. 6 seasons.

...in our quiz, piece by piece, the curtain opens to reveal enchanting details of the mysterious metamorphosis. Small and big miracles. Every 7 days solve a little riddle before the hotel reveals its proud self to the world at the completion of the quiz. Follow the path and win weekly prizes and, with a little luck, even the first prize. Be part of it!

Your chance to win the grand prize:

Answer at least 4 out of 6 small weekly online riddles correctly. Please use the corresponding form and then confirm your specified e-mail address for each riddle. Participation is only possible in the period from 25.01.2023 (08:30 am) to 01.03.2023 (11:59 pm). Entries received after this time will not be considered for the prize draw.


First prize:

2 nights incl. breakfast for 2 persons in a suite in a 5-star (secret) hotel incl. private spa suite, 2 spa treatments á 100 minutes, exclusive boat tour (April to September), 4-course gourmet dinner incl. wine accompaniment as well as many other extras up to individual arrival and departure by flight or train.


Individual prizes:

1 night incl. breakfast for 2 persons in a double room in a 5-star (secret) hotel including spa access and other exclusive extras.

Our Quiz

Are you ready to follow the enchanted path and get to the bottom of the mystery? Our quiz will take you through six seasons that cannot exist without each other, to a place of closeness. Six small mysteries along the way to the big one. At the end of the mystical journey: The revelation of a new hotel in a new guise, finally hatching from its cocoon to unfold its new wings under the sun of Lake Garda.

Do you need help with the questions? We have provided a hint for each quiz question here:

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Join us on a journey of discovery around Lake Garda.

Question 1


Which sensual motives characterize the atmosphere of our hotel's spa manufactory?

Nota bene: In our spa manufactory we produce high-quality natural cosmetics with great love, based on sustainable and regional ingredients for you. During our workshops you can also make your own favorite products with your own hands and take them home as a souvenir.

Question 2


An irresistible apple that once started it all... Manifested in our garden, believed to be lost in the form of caper apples. But what exactly are caper apples?

Nota bene: The caper bush is typical of Lake Garda. It grows in Italy only here in this regio

A mystical place in transition.

A hotel that was once supposed to be something, which it will not become after all.

Destined to take visitors on a transformational journey of discovery beyond expectations. It's time to strip off the cocoon and spread the new wings in the glittering light.


Very soon...

Uncover the best kept secret of Lake Garda with us!


The name? In changing.

But a few exciting highlights, we can already reveal ...

It is a luxurious yet mysterious hotel with 99 rooms and suites. With a restaurant that celebrates the festivities of the seasons. A spa famous for its floral scents, steaming saunas, private spa suites and pleasantly tempered indoor and outdoor pools. A hotel made to be around and with nature. With a light-filled yoga loft for mindful channeling and moving inner energies. Home to inspiring co-working spaces and a spacious workshop area for untamed creativity and diverse events. Last, but not least, with a unique drive-in cinema on the roof, equipped with historic Fiat 500s for good movies and for observing elementary thunderstorms.

Falling in love anew with our suites
Approach to L’Affetto sul Lago di Garda

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